Special Announcement from the EANS on the Ukrainian Crisis

The EANS, as a professional society, fundamentally dedicated to the prevention of human suffering and preservation of human function and life, wishes to express its sincere abhorrence in relation to the shocking events currently unfolding on our continent. We have no hesitation in unconditionally condemning the barbaric, unprovoked and unjustifiable invasion of a sovereign state, Ukraine, by its more powerful neighbour Russia. We deeply regret and mourn the inevitable suffering and loss of human life.

As the pan-European medical association of neurosurgeons, representing 40 national societies, we stand together against this war and all acts of violence; and will continue to support all of our members, regardless of nationality, in the provision of neurosurgical expertise and care to their patients.

We wish to express our deepest sympathy, concern and support to our Ukrainian members and friends. While the resources of our association and the practical support we can give is limited, we are ready to provide whatever help and assistance we can, to aid you in these traumatic, difficult and unprecedented times. Please use the following email: info@eans.org, or, ghc@eans.org.

From the Ethicolegal Committee, the Global and Humanitarian Committee & the Executive Board of the EANS